Harlem vs. Brooklyn Heights

Demographic + Psychographic

Harlem has an older age population but the neighborhood is still full of energy. People are not shy and really comfortable with their surroundings. There are many street vendors and the decorations of stores are much colorful than Brooklyn Heights. Ethnicity wise, Black/ African American dominates the population. On the other hand, White/ White American dominates Brooklyn Heights. The neighborhood is less busy and full of babies and children.


Culture + Trends

In the streets of Harlem you can see many black women wearing traditional African dresses and also, sneakers everywhere. People of all ages wear sneakers in Harlem, even the new born babies wear sneakers too! People in Brooklyn Heights also wear sneakers, but not exactly the same as the ones in Harlem. In Harlem, you can see many colorful basketball shoes; Jordans, Nike Air Force, Under Armour Curry…etc.

squadBut in Brooklyn Heights, people prefer running shoes; Nike Roshe, Adidas Mana RC, Reebok ZPrint 3D…etc. Sneakers wise, Harlem definitely has a more current trend than Brooklyn Heights. Outfit wise, Brooklyn Heights has a more current trend. People stick with the idea of minimalist; not many layers, no more than three colors and barely play with patterns.


Key Looks

Preppy look is the way to go in Brooklyn Heights. It’s as if Club Monaco is having an outdoor casual fashion show. In Harlem, jeans run the hood. The most common look is jeans and t-shirts/ tank top.  One thing that really stands out is the way clothing stores advertise. The female population in Harlem tend to be more curvy. If you walk down 125th st, you can see many clothing stores either display curvy mannequins or use curvy models in their promo photoshoot.



These two neighborhoods, being only 13 miles away from each other, yet each has its own charisma. Walking in Harlem and Brooklyn Heights feels like wandering in two different worlds. One world is run by busy street vendors, colorful sneakers and beautiful traditional african dresses. The other world is run by baby strollers, preppy outfits and minimalist. The two neighborhood really highlight the diversities in New York. Diversity in all fields; age, ethnicity, styles, behavior, vibe…etc. They are so different yet both are amazingly beautiful in their own ways.

Harlem and Brookltn Heights Locations



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