Let’s Talk About Choker

Choker. Most people would relate it to the Gothic style back in the mid-90’s or the late 90’s tattoo choker. But if you look at all the fashion events, music videos or just any pop culture events, you can see that choker is everywhere.


Top left: Rihanna “Work” music video. Top middle: Kendall Jenner daily outfit.
Top right: Gigi Hadid daily outfit. Bottom left: Kylie Jenner daily outfit.
Bottom right: Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week.

This 90’s trend has been taking over for at least one year. Usually, a trend would have been decaying at this point according to the fashion-curve. And also, the world we are living in now is all about “fast-fashion” which would usually make “fad” last even shorter.          But choker as of now, seems like it is not going anywhere. There’s no sign of it disappearing and moreover, people are even more into it than ever before. (Yes, even after a year of seeing it EVERYWHERE.) From the tattoo choker to fabric choker, now Fall 2016 is all about the statement choker and wrapped around choker.

So what is choker’s secret to last this long and how did it even become this popular?

Choker started as an effect of the “Trickle-Up Theory”. It started within a subculture group called “Goths” in the 90’s. The subculture is known for wearing either all black or extremely dark-color outfit, colored dark hair, dark lipstick and body jewelry. Choker is one of the most common jewelries in this subculture group. As more and more people outside of the gothic subculture group started wearing choker, it slowly became mainstream. You see celebrities wearing it, you see young teens wearing it in school, you see college students wear it at concerts, it is no longer limited to the subculture.

Here goes the second question comes: How does it last so long?

Now that everyone is opened to the idea of choker, people look to the trendsetter; models, singers, celebrities. The Jenner sisters, Kylie and Kendall started wearing choker very often since last winter. Rihanna started wearing choker at multiple occasions as well, even in her music video! Consumers look to these trend setters and follow their paths. Consumers wouldn’t stop wearing it unless their trendsetters stop first.

Choker is no doubt the baby of a Trick-Up theory. It has lasted longer than we all expected, and is still on the go. If it ended up not fading away, congratulation Choker, you had made it into the “Classic” family!

And before we say goodbye, here is a little more Rihanna. (You’re Welcome)



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