Red Hot Summer 2017

Are you wondering what is the must have color for Spring/Summer 2017?

The answer is Strawberry Red. This hue(aka color) has lighter value, intense saturation and is a tint(meaning, white is applied to this hue.) The red is everywhere in many designer’s Summer/Spring Ready-To-Wear Collection.

From Left to Right: Emporio Armani S/S 2017, Kenzo S/S 2017, Valentino S/S 2017, Miu Miu S/S 2017. 

Strawberry Red is now at the “Color Fowards” stage; only people who are willing to take risk and try new things are wearing the red. It hasn’t reached the “Color Prudents”(aka mainstream) stage yet.

Red has always been around since it is one of the three primary colors. But what makes this bright red the upcoming color for Spring / Summer 2017 is the emotion/vibe it evokes. Yes, bright red does evoke sex but it also evokes a sense of energy. Spring and summer is the time when weather is getting warmer, it’s the time when people just want to be outdoor. This vibrant red is the perfect reflection of people’s desire to go outdoor, be active and just enjoy the weather.

Although we are in the Fall right now, I was lucky enough to still spot a few color forwards wearing the vibrant red. More people wear the red as an accent.(Scarf, sox, bag, shoes, hat…etc). Not many people wear like pants, jackets, skirt, shirts in the color. color-forecasting-2

But as weather gets warmer(in a few months), I believe more and more people would be willing to try this color. Especially a specific group; urban college students. Urban college students are constently exposed to fashion and are usually not afraid to try new things. Being young and active, this group could definitely be the pioneer in spreading this color trend.

This Red could be the color that set the color cycle(image below) back to the “High Chroma” stage. Since last Spring/Summer, we’ve been seeing a lot of nude, neurtal kinda earthe tone colors. As the cycle progresses, it makes sense that people are now looking for a brighter and vibrant color.

Color Cycle. 


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